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We’ve often wondered how other clients feel about back to back appointments.  It doesn't bother some clients at all, but we can appreciate that some men might feel uncomfortable about their escort seeing another client immediately following their appointment.

Of course, not all London escorts take back-to-back bookings. While some do arrange to meet several people each day, others prefer one booking a day or even just a couple a week. Whether this is acceptable is purely down to the individual; after all most escorts are just trying to run their business in the best way for them, but whether it's the best thing for their long term business is a matter which is open to debate.

For those escorts in London who work via an agency, it will very much depend on the agency rules. As all their bookings are taken for them by a central office, it's usually up to the escort agency to determine how they want their escorts to operate.

Some clients have come up with their own term for these back-to-back appointments, calling them 'conveyor belt' meetings. While some escorts do employ this kind of appointment system, it doesn't mean to say that all escorts, who take have more than one meeting a day, are operating in the same way. If truth be told, not every client will book a long meeting. Indeed our 1 hour escorts are extremely popular with a lot of men, so those escorts who offer these services will naturally need to see more men. In addition, some escorts charge lower fees than other escorts and need to see more clients to make their business financially viable.

As for one of our client’s personal experience - I've seen escorts in London who have had several bookings on the same day. Occasionally it's obvious that they have another meeting but generally it's rarely an issue. I appreciate that escorting is a business for them and as such they have to do whatever is necessary to make their business successful. However I have had some less than satisfactory meetings where it's been blatantly apparent that the escort has a back-to-back meeting, even to the point where my escort started to get ready for her next appointment a significant amount of time before my session was scheduled to end. Not only did this make me feel uncomfortable, but I felt insignificant and certainly didn't make me want to book a repeat experience with her. While I do appreciate that they have to prepare for a subsequent appointment, preparations should not eat into the time she spends with me. If an escort is going to operate a back-to-back appointment system then she should factor in some extra time to get ready - that's only fair for all her clients.

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