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A girlie get-together

I managed to get in touch with an old international escort friend today which was lovely. We haven't spoken for four years - no one's fault - but we managed to reminisce over tea and cake in South Kensington.

I’m not sure about unpredictable weather at the moment. We all know how I feel about rain and the frizzy hair situation. To be honest, yes, I can take a black cab anywhere in 
London but sometimes I like to walk from where I am to where I need to be. As it stands today, my friend and I went out shopping in High Street Kensington after our elevenses, we were enjoying the August sunset then it pelted down with rain. We regressed back to how we met (we were new recruits together) and the places we used to frequent after-hours when we needed to chat. I may spend time in the company of men but I do love my girls. 

We all have friends who we might not see on a regular basis but when we do meet, it's like we have never been apart. It is lovely to catch up, compare notes on the 
hotels we have recently visited and the clients we might share. Obviously, discretion is key so names are never mentioned but there are some similarities that must be more than coincidence. 

When we were all shopped and gossiped out, we gave air-kisses goodbye and I knew I wouldn't see her again for the next four years. Yes the world is a big place and it's easy to hide.

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