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Posted Date : May 2014

Doctors? orders?

With the weather all over the place at the moment, it's all too common to see your fellow passenger or pedestrian sneezing their way across London. I've so far managed to escape a cold, virus and 'Flu despite sharing breathing space with those who forget to cover their noses - touch wood. Maybe it's to do with the industrial

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Garden parties galore!

One of my favourite times of year is when the temperature rises a few degrees, people say “ooh, spring is here”, and suddenly its parties galore. I have been invited to 3 barbecues and 2 garden parties today. I received the invitations via the wonder of cyber space as clearly the event organiser had seen the glorious weather forecast fo

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Theatre buddy

Do you ever have a friend with whom you always do a specific thing with? Like going with your best mate to the beauty therapist once a month for a real girly giggle or going shopping with the friend who appreciates Prada's new line coming out and also loses sleep over Selfridges sale. Well, Issac is a very reliable and stable client who has

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Belgravia?s delights

Belgravia, West London, is far and away one of the most sought-after districts within the capital. Part of Kensington and Chelsea, it is one of the wealthiest areas in the world and still mostly owned by family wealth. Most of the area was originally owned by Richard Grosvenor, 2nd Marquis of Westminster, who had it developed from the early 19th

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Special Delivery Service?

I have many parcels delivered to me via Her Majesty's royal mail. More often than not they are products of a rather trigger-happy finger purchasing items on-line, but sometimes things are delivered out of the blue. I like those the most.  I have international clients who buy me gifts after an in-call in London and are still thinking of

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Let our girls put on a ?show?

Expressing yourself through dance or theatre must be as old as time. I can't think of a better way to show someone how you feel about them other than putting on a pair of dancing shoes and grinding up close to them... well, other than the obvious but we're not talking about that today. I have been aware of the Burlesque circuit for

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Sharing is caring

My Friday evening was spent with friends doing a bi-monthly catch up. We went to Amuse Bouche champagne bar in Soho. We glammed ourselves up and sat at the bar, legs crossed showing the very hint of hold ups below a hemline and sipped cocktails until 1am. Occasionally we accepted the odd drink from an admirer but for the most part, we were too busy

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Victoria Girls

It may be small but the district of Victoria in Central London is always bustling with commuters and tourists. Most famous for its train station that more-or-less allows you to travel all over the south of England, Victoria is mostly a commercial area however there are also private and social housing, with retail uses along the main streets. Just b

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Organising a date is our forte...

When a client asks me to visit a museum with him (bear in mind there are many and I've visited them all in my time) I try and coincide it with a new exhibit or exhibition that will make the visit as interesting for me as it would for him. My new Russian client of mine is staying in South London for six months. He has a wife and children

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The joys of being an escort!

I have been single for a long time. I feel at this time in my life, I am getting everything I need from the line of work that I do. I have many good clients, I fulfil all my gentlemen clients wishes, I accompany them for dinner and dancing, romancing or theatre or museum trips, we make the perfect cultured couples. Just because I don't choos

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A Shining Example Of Discretion

I do enjoy a VIP gathering and it seems to be even more fun when there are a few elite ladies circling the room, dressed to kill, enchanting the clientele. We love going to fine places and really acting the part. Take this evening for example. There were four of us on the arms of four wealthy businessmen. We had arrived separately, but the

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Spring Has Sprung

What is it about the first signs of spring that send men and women into paroxysms of delight? Surely it can't be the weather as I am still wrapped up in cashmere with the heating on! However, it may be the increase in daylight hours, weak sunshine and hint of new growth all around... I was out walking through Hyde Park yesterday evening at d

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Fantasies That Come My Way?

I have many clients whom love different things. They get to act out with me their deepest and sometimes darkest fantasies. I have played schoolgirl, dominatrix, farm-girl and movie star to name but a few and I have mainly acted out these fantasies with male clients who like to add a third party in, being a female... but then again, sometimes the

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Adele's Personal Grooming

Personal grooming... if you hadn't already guessed, I spent an absolute fortune on my appearance. You can't beat London for the best hairdressers, beauty parlours, nail bars and tanning salons. And we're not talking the golden orange look of your typical Essex maiden. Oh no, I'm talking about Mayfair Tanning & Waxing Ltd

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Baker Street and Marylebone

It doesn't take a detective to work out that some of Agency Pinks finest escorts live and reside around the Baker Street area. Situated between NW1 and W1 - where Oxford Street and Regents Street play home to department stores and other retail delights - the district of Marylebone has plenty to offer a discerning gentleman and his beautiful com

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