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If you do require a particular escort service, then it's always wise to check in advance that your chosen escort provides this service. Often it will be listed on their personal profile, but if in doubt, you can always ask our receptionist who'll be happy to help. Most escort agencies offer a wide range of outcall services which are suitable for all kinds of occasions. Girlfriend experiences, dinner dates and duo services are just some of the services offered in London, so you're sure to find something which suits you and your needs perfectly.

And don't forget, if you do arrange to meet your escort at a restaurant, it's polite to allow her to choose her own food and wine, unless she indicates she is happy for you to do so. Don't worry that she may choose the most expensive items on the menu, our escorts are far too savvy for that. They know that the secret of being a good escort is to make you feel good and to leave you feeling that you want to see them again, so they're unlikely to try to take advantage of you. After all, that's how good escorts make their living, by having regular clients who like to see them as often as they can.

One final point about booking model escorts. While you may want to keep your experience to yourself, it's always helpful if you can provide a review and/or recommendation if the opportunity arises. By doing so, you'll add to the legitimacy and accuracy of the services and profile, thus helping to make choosing easier for all clients and punters in the future.

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