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Sexy can be taught

We know all about body awareness and using it to full effect. A sexy lady always stands up straight as it’s all the better to show off her assets – those perky breasts, that peachy bottom and long legs. We know perfect posture is a must if you are wearing high heels – the high heel needs a strong, confident stance to pull it off, we can assure you.

Our escorts in London also know a number of other tricks when it comes to body confidence and how they come across. They know how to get in and out of cars gracefully (a must when you are wearing a short skirt and high heels), they know how to sit up straight and they know how to lie down so that they look… inviting, shall we say. 

The Secret is… posture, that’s right posture and a bit of sass makes a girl (and certainly all the girls here at Agency Pink) unbelievably sexy. You don’t believe us – you don’t think something that is that simple can possibly hold the key to sexiness? Now go and look at our gallery and check them all out. Look at the blonde's, Peruse your way through the brunette female companions and inspect the adventurous ones.

Do you see what they all have in common? Yes, beautiful posture. Without beautiful posture you can’t tell a woman’s true beauty. If her shoulders are slumped you can’t see her beautiful bust and appreciate it fully, the perfect peachy curve of her backside isn’t fully visible unless her back is straight and the glorious tilt of her chin will not be appreciated in full unless that girl is holding herself perfectly.

It’s all very well knowing how to hold that body, and if you check out our galleries you’ll see our girls are definitely skilled at the glance over their shoulders pose. A lot of our model escorts trained as exotic dancers or enjoy fitness and yoga and they are masters of contortion. They move their bodies in ways you could never imagine – ways that delight and excite.

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